Basic, Inexpensive Door & Window Security Everyone Should Have

Nobody should take their home security for granted. It doesn't matter how decent you think your neighborhood is, safety should always be a priority. Just because you lock your doors and windows, you cannot always be sure they are completely secure. And, you should never take chances with your personal safety! Here are a few types of door and window security options that are available to keep you and your property safe and secure.

  1. Proper Locks
    While this may seem like common sense, you might be amazed at how many people fail to either use adequate locks or just simply do not lock them when they leave. Most burglars will enter a home by walking through an unlocked door or climbing in an unsecured window. And, please don't leave a key outside of your home, burglars know all of the hiding places you can think of!
  2. Wireless Sensors
    When you install wireless sensors on your doors and windows, you will be immediately alerted any time they are opened. An alarm will sound, allowing you to find out exactly what is going on immediately. Wireless sensors are easy to install, usually attaching to the door or window frame with universal fittings. The sensors can be hidden so that they are not visible from the outside and do not alter the appearance of the door or window frame. Burglars often look for wires that they may be able to cut to disable the alarm, so wireless sensors eliminate that problem.
  3. Glass Breakage Alarm
    Installing a glass breakage alarm on your windows means you will instantly know if any glass is broken. Burglars may try to break the glass on a locked window, gaining immediate access. Stop them in their tracks when this alarm sounds!
  4. Door Stop Alarms
    This type of alarm is intended to be placed just behind a closed door. In the event that the door is opened, a loud sound will be emitted from the alarm, alerting you to the intrusion immediately. Not only great for use at home, but this is an ideal security measure to use when traveling or staying in a hotel room.
  5. Slider Alarms
    Installing an alarm on your sliding glass door is very smart. This is a common point of entry for many burglars, as the locks are often very insecure. When you have a slider alarm installed, you will know the second anyone tries to open that door.

These types of alarms and sensors are small ways that you can improve the security of your home, apartment or dorm room. They also make for great travel items, as they are small and often very easy to install or place in the appropriate locations. Don't take any chances with your personal security or the safety of your family members. Be sure that you not only lock your doors and windows tight, every time you leave the house, but also be sure to use adequate alarms on your doors and windows so that even the most savvy burglars will be discouraged from trying to enter your property uninvited.