Safety For Women: Avoid Being Vulnerable to Sexual Predators & Domestic Violence

The criminal mind of a male predator will often cause him to think of women as easy targets for crime. Women may be seen as weak, timid and vulnerable and therefore easy to attack or subdue. They may also be viewed as sexual objects by some who would try to take advantage of people who might not be as strong as them.

Sexual Assault

One of the worst types of crime against women is sexual abuse. Statistics have shown that the act of rape is not always committed for sexual gratification, but to gain power over another individual and take control of them completely. Rape is an extremely harmful act of violence that can leave the victim feeling powerless, afraid and in need of long term counseling.

An ever growing type of sexual violence against women is date rape. This is most likely to occur on a first or second date, and has become a major issue in bars, clubs and college campuses. Rapists will use drugs such as GHB or Rohypnol which dissolve in a drink and become completely undetectable. Once the drug is swallowed, it will cause the person to lose control over their own body and black out. Not only does it leave the victim susceptible to sexual assault, it is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious illness or even death.

Domestic Violence

There are many different types of domestic violence, and they can affect either gender. Anything from verbal abuse to physical violence falls under this category. Many women live with this problem for years, and avoid seeking help at all. They may be afraid of the repercussions that will take place if their partner finds out they have told others about the abuse, or too embarrassed to tell anyone what has been happening to them.

Any woman who lives in an abusive environment should get assistance right away. Whether that involves calling a hotline for information on what to do, obtaining the services of a professional therapist or involving the law, there is aid available for every victim. No one should stay in a dangerous situation and remain isolated and alone, all it takes is a little awareness and education about the resources that are available to people who are being victimized at home.

Avoid Being Vulnerable to Predators

Women can take charge of their own security and learn to protect themselves from predators. There are many self defense classes available for either mixed genders or women only, in which each student will learn basic fighting techniques and safety lessons.

Another option women may seek out for their personal protection is to carry a non lethal weapon such as pepper spray keychain or items included in this Women's Self Defense Kit. These self defense sprays will take down any assailant and keep a potential victim safe from harm. Just carrying these products is a good crime prevention tool, because any criminal who sees it will be very likely to leave you alone instead of risking being sprayed.

Violence against women is a serious problem, but when women learn the facts about crime prevention and know how to keep themselves safe, they can avoid being targets for crime. Any woman who has been subjected to an assault should seek out professional help immediately.