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Bear Repellent Pepper Spray - Guard Alaska

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This Bear Repellent Defense Spray:

  • Is the only bear repellent the EPA states is effective against all species of bears.
  • Has a pepper spray stream sprays up to 20 feet in distance.
  • Is affordable bear protection is easily carried while hiking & backpacking.
  • Is EPA-approved animal repellent bear spray
  • Contains no flammable materials or substances
  • Contains no CFC's that would harm the environment or ozone layer
  • Contains 9 oz. of pepper spray and measures 8 3/4" tall and 2" in diameter


About This Bear Repellent Defense Spray Product:

Sku# 00153

Guard Alaska is the only brand of bear repellent that is known to repel all species of bears. Bear repellents are made with the same OC hot pepper formula as traditional pepper spray. The only difference is that the EPA has approved the "bear spray" formula to be a humane protection against vicious wild animal attacks on humans. Only products with this special approval can be labels as bear pepper spray or bear repellant.

This product got its "Guard Alaska" name from being tested in the wild outback of the Alaskan bear country. This canister of bear pepper spray contains 9oz of self defense that can spray up to 20 feet in distance. The can is easily carried in your outdoor gear and measures about 8" tall and 2" in diameter. This animal defense spray is particularly eco-friendly since it contains no flammables or CFC's which deplete the ozone layer. This specific product CAN also be shipped and sold to residents of New York, Michigan and Wisconsin where traditional pepper spray products must be bought in state.

Bears can easily become angry, and for some fatal, when their territory has been entered by humans. It is important to have proper bear protection while hiking, camping, backpacking or enjoying an outdoor vacation to survive a deadly bear attack. Read our bear protection and safety tips to learn more about how to avoid black, brown and grizzly bear encounters.

The Pepper Spray Store does not recommend this product for use against anything other than bears. Extensive testing of the product has only been done on bears and we can not guarantee the effectiveness on any other animal or human.

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