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Large Wildfire 9oz Pepper Spray

Large Wildfire 9oz Pepper Spray

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Cannot ship this item to CA, MA, NY, MI, WI, or HI.

About the Personal Security Wildfire Spray :

  • Long Lasting - 38 full one-second bursts
    (One single well directed one-second burst is enough to stop an attacker)
  • Longer Range - 20 foot range - he won't even get close
  • Potent Oleo Resin Capsicum pepper formula
  • Larger Size than traditional defense sprays
  • Perfect personal security product for keeping at home or taking into the wilderness for bear protection
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Optional Holster Available

    Pepper Spray "Wildfire" Device Description:

    Stock# : WF-18-9FM

    This pepper spray product has a highly-effective "Firemaster" nozzle and is considered the ultimate self defense system for protection against attackers, muggers, rapists and/or aggressive animal attacks (including dogs, bears, mountain lions, etc).

    The high capacity canister has 38 one-second sprays of personal safety. This model measures 7 inches by 2 inches and is perfect for taking with you for protection in the wilderness, while camping, or enjoying the outdoors. This survival product could be crucial if you ever encountered or surprised a wild animal while hiking. Optional Holster available.

    We're sorry, but this product cannot be shipped to:  
    • California
    • Hawaii
    • Massachusetts
    • Michigan
    • New York
    • Wisconsin

    due to state laws.

    We can ship the muzzle dog repellent to any of these states.
    The 2 oz size of this spray is legal in CA.
    HI allows pepper spray for use against people in containers no larger than 1/2 oz.

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