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"Family 5 Pack" | 5 Pepper Spray Keychain Pack & 2 FREE Soda Can Diversion Safes ($30 VALUE)

List Price: $99.95
Your Price: $59.75 & FREE Shipping (Over $15)

Purchase a "Family 5 Pack" of pepper spray keychains and get 2 soda can diversion safes FREE ($30 Value). - Email Exclusive!

Pepper Spray Key Chain Features:

Includes 5 pepper spray keychains
  • 1/2 oz. pepper spray contains 5 one-second bursts
  • Just one well aimed burst can stop an attacker
  • OC (active ingredient) concentration
  • Can reach up to 8 feet in distance
  • 10% OC, Rated at 2 million raw SHU
  • Keychain attachment for convenient portability.
  • Leatherette holster available in 3 colors
  • SKU's -
  • Red (PS-LH-RED)
  • Black (PS-LH-BLK)
  • Blue (PS-LH-BLUE)
  • Holster has easy access snap enclosure
  • Easy, affordable form of personal protection

Diversion Safe Features (Retail for $14.95 each)

The average burglar takes 8 minutes to grab what he can and leave.  That doesn’t leave much time for him to be checking soda cans for valuables.  Soda can diversion safes are a great way to stash valuables out of sight.

  • Includes 2 FREE Soda Can Diversion Safes
  • Weighted to feel like the real thing
  • Can artwork and material matches soda brand exactly 
  • Screw off top to insert valuables
  • Hide your valuables in plain sight

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