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2oz. Pepper Spray Fogger (1.2% MC)
MC 1.2%
Volume 8-10 Sprays
Range 10-12 ft
Spray Type Fogger
Made in USA

2oz. Pepper Spray Fogger (1.2% MC)

$18.95 & FREE Shipping
Cannot ship this item to MA or NY, or HI.


This Pepper Spray Fogger Unit has:

  • 1.20% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) – 
    the only true, third-party measurement of pepper spray effectiveness (see why).
    • 8-10 one-second bursts
      (One single well directed second burst is enough to stop an attacker)
    • Fogger style spray pattern that helps hit an attacker without precise aim.
    • 10-12 foot range with a "cloud" of hot pepper spray.
    • Glow in the dark one-button trigger actuator.
    • Optional holster available (and free when you purchase 2 or more).
    • FREE GIFT with purchase of 2 or more (holster and/or practice spray) Choose under Saving Pack drop down. 


    About this Pepper Spray Fogger:

    Stock# : PS-5F

    Called "The Fogger" due to its wide angle spray, this pepper spray is similar to a fire extinguisher, eliminating the need for pinpoint accuracy and providing extra heavy-duty protection. Perfect for use against multiple attackers.

    It is also highly effective against lone assailants because it eliminates the need to aim with pinpoint accuracy. You’ll get instant, surefire results in any threatening situation. A push of a button is all that is needed to get assailants fleeing the scene. This unit is one of our most popular items. It’s a superb crime deterrent no person or family should be without.

    A holster is available for purchase for easy access.

      Pepper Spray Store Free Replacement Program
      This pepper spray can be used many times before needing our free replacement. (Upon sending us a copy of your original invoice and a copy the police report in which you reportedly used, or lost, your defense spray we will provide a free replacement. Also a nominal check or CC payment for S & H of $4.95 will also need to accompany your return as well.) This unit can be purchased with or without belt clip holster and is great for personal use, law enforcement, or any security needs.               

      State Laws

      We're sorry, but due to state laws, this product cannot be shipped to:

      • Hawaii
      • Massachusetts
      • New York

      We can ship the muzzle dog repellent spray, which is legal in every state.
      HI allows pepper spray for use against people in containers no larger than 1/2 oz.


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