Hard Case Mace Brand Keychain

Hard Case Mace Brand Keychain

Hard Case Mace Brand Keychain

Mace Brand
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Due to state laws, this product can not be shipped to Massachusetts or New York.

Self Defense Key Chain Features:
  • Product contains 5 one second sprays of self defense pepper spray
  • A single bursts to the attacker's face will give you enough time to escape.
  • 10% OC comparable formula
    (*Oleoresin Capsicum-a pure derivative of cayenne pepper)
  • Spray distance of 10 feet
  • Integrated key chain attachment
  • Integrated belt clip
  • Glow in the dark nozzle
  • Plastic holster helps to protect product and makes it easy to carry.
  • Comes in Black - Stock# 80785
  • WI residents can order this equivalent hard cover pepper spray key chain.


Self Defense Key Chain Product Description:


  • Black - 80785

This pepper spray keychain is easy to carry with the built-in belt clip or integrated key chain attachment. The 1/2oz. canister contained within the molded plastic holster can also be replaced when necessary. The holster is available in four different colors: Red, Blue, Black, Purple and Green.

This product includes a oleoresin capsicum 10% comparable formula pepper spray. With this spray you can keep your distance from an attacker since the spray can reach distances of 10 feet.

A single spray to an attacker's face will disable him for 20-to-30 minutes. The sprayed attacker will experience an intense burning sensation that will force his eyes shut and alter his breathing. These effects are temporary and won't cause permanent damage (i.e. non-lethal).

Pepper Spray Store Free Replacement Program
This pepper spray can be used many times before needing our free replacement.

**Upon sending us a copy of your original invoice and a copy the police report in which you reportedly used, or lost, your defense spray we will provide a free replacement. Also a nominal check or CC payment for S & H of $4.95 will also need to accompany your return as well.**

This unit can be purchased with or without belt clip holster and is great for personal use, law enforcement, or any security needs.

State Laws

We're sorry, but this product cannot be shipped to:

  • New York
  • Massachusetts

Due to state laws.

We can ship the muzzle dog repellent, which is legal in every state.

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