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130bd Pocket Whistle Alarm

130bd Pocket Whistle Alarm

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The 130dB Key Chain Alarm:

  • Produces a howlingly sharp 130db scream that can be heard from blocks away
  • Attaches to a keychain for practical, every day protection against attacks
  • Includes a long lasting battery
  • Provides personal protection for college students, teenagers, women, elderly people and anyone who prefers not to carry a weapon or cannot due to state restrictions
  • Is a self defense product that is legal in all U.S. 50 states.

About this 130dB Key Chain Alarm Produc:

Stock# : HP-388

Have you ever been walking alone to your car late at night and felt like you were being followed?

If you were to be the victim of an attack from a predator, what would you do? With a personal alarm you would have the means to keep yourself safe from harm and stop an assault before it even begins. These units feature a panic button that triggers an extremely high decibel screeching noise that will scare any assailant away. Electronic alarms produce an astonishingly loud 130 decibel blast that will continue to rage until you turn it off. Criminals rely on the cover of darkness and isolation so they may commit their deeds without being seen by others. When this self defense device is turned on, it will attract immediate attention from anyone within a few blocks, which is exactly what the predator wants to avoid. It will alert people that you are in danger, and the criminal's natural instinct will be to get away from you as quickly as possible.

Although these security alarms are mini sized, they are surprisingly powerful. They emit an ongoing scream. Because the alarm is so small, it can be kept in a pocket, purse and it is even designed to fit on a key chain. This allows you to keep the alarm close to your body, where you can easily reach it whenever you need it.

Keep an alarm at home and take one with you wherever you go. Use them to assure your own safety, and give you more confidence when you go out. They will protect you from harm and keep you safe from a predator who is looking for an easy target to victimize.

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