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3-in-1 Personal Attack & Door Alarm

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3-in-1 Personal Security Alarm with Light:

  • Sharp 130dB alarm can be heard blocks away
  • Can protect your property, person or belongings with 2 alarm attachments
  • Protect your personal safety and purse with the loop alarm accessory
  • Protect a door, window or laptop with the clip alarm accessory
  • Bright strobe light activated when alarm sounds for extra attention
  • Button activated flashlight works independently of alarm
  • Compact size easily concealed and fits in hand, pocket or purse
  • Dimensions 3 “ X 2” X 1”
  • Runs on a 9-volt battery (sold separately)
  • Can be carried or used anywhere by anyone with no legal restrictions
  • Is a self defense product that is legal in all U.S. 50 states.


About the Personal Attack & Door Alarm:

Stock# : PAL-1LIGHT

Crimes strikes fear into the heart's of citizens all across the nation. The fear of becoming the victim of an attack causes many people to stay at home to avoid the risk of being targeted by a predator. But there is a better solution: carrying a security alarm will give you the personal protection you seek wherever you may go.

This versatile 3-in-1 personal alarm with light has several functions for protecting personal safety, door/window security and laptop computers.  Included are 2 alarm release accessories that expand the practical uses for this alarm.  The first is a loop accessory intended to be worn on your purse or belt loop to protect your personal safety.  If the loop is pulled the alarm will scream at 130dB and emit a flashing strobe light for maximum attention.  The second accessory is a clip that can protect a door, window or laptop.  If the clip is allowed to “open” the alarm will sound and strobe will turn on. A separate button can also control the flashlight feature independently from the alarm.  

A personal alarm is small, lightweight and can be carried by anyone. They are perfect for children to use when they walk back and forth to school, elderly people who go out alone and anyone who is concerned for their own safety. Alarm owners can place them in a pocket or purse, attach them to a key chain or even clip them directly on to a belt. If you are ready to take charge of your own security, or need to provide for the safety of a loved one, find the protection you need from a state of the art personal security alarm and scare away predators before they have an opportunity to do you harm.

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