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Pepper Spray Personal Protection Kit

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Cannot ship this item to MA or NY or HI.


Silver Self Defense Package
  • 1.20% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) – 
    the only true, third-party measurement of pepper spray effectiveness (see why).

  • Best value pepper spray kit available - each self defense kit comes with:
  • 3 pepper spray devices.
  • 1 2oz. spray for your personal protection.
  • 1 defense sprayer for your keychain.
  • 1 pepper spray for your car with visor attachment.
  • Included pepper sprays made by Pepper Shot brand.
  • Our low price makes this one of the best values around for safety products.


Silver Self Defense Package Details:

Stock # PS-TRI

The Pepper Spray Personal Protection Kit from Pepper Shot is a simple pepper spray kit that you can buy for your own security. If a criminal were to attack you, spraying your assailant with this non lethal self defense product will stop them in their tracks and give you an opportunity to get away and call the police for help. The spray affects an attacker by temporarily making it difficult for them to breathe or even see. It will cause them to cough, sneeze and most importantly, back off. These dramatic effects will completely stop any assault and allow you to get to safety.

The kit includes three sprays, so you can always be sure to have one on you in case you need it. You should always keep the sprays in an easily accessible area; if you are attacked you will need to be able to reach them immediately. The 2oz. spray will fit into any purse or pocket, or it can be attached to your belt with a holster. The smaller sprays are designed to fit on any key chain or car visor, so you can always have them with you anywhere you go. They are small and portable, and also very potent.

One of the many advantages of the kit is that it is inexpensive. We offer these kits at a discount to make sure they are available to anyone who needs them. Pepper spray is a legal self defense weapon that works immediately and will provide for your personal security. Purchase a Silver Kit today and never be a victim again.

State Laws

We're sorry, but due to state laws, this product cannot be shipped to:

  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • New York

We can ship Muzzle Dog Repellent spray.  It is similar in size and function and can be legally shipped to every U.S. state.

We can also ship 1/2 oz. pepper spray containers to MI and HI.


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