Crime Prevention Tips on Home Security, Personal Safety & Self Defense


Women's Self Defense Tips & Techiques
Read about safety and self defense advice for women like how to protect yourself against rape and sexual assault, how to avoid being a target for crime, basic self defense techniques and how to idendify common date rape drugs used in bars and college parties.

Home Security & Safety Tips
Discover helpful, easy home security information that will protect your home from burgulars and crime. Learn how to make your house unattrative to criminals. We have advice for homeowners, renters, dorm room students and apartment dwellers. Learn about securing you house while on vacation and stopping unwanted strangers from entering your property.

Personal Protection Tips
Educate yourself about personal protection and safety to avoid the dangers of everyday crimes. Protect your purses, pockets and backpacks from common pickpockets. Learn how to stay safe while traveling in big cities and staying in unfamiliar hotels.