Personal Security and Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

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Being informed and prepared in one of the best ways to avoid crime and dangerous situations. Learn about some basic personal protection steps you can take to stay safe in unfamiliar hotel rooms and while in public area. Prevent valuables from being stolen or taken by a pick pocket.

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Tips, Information and Advice About Personal Safety

How to Overcome Fear in the Face of a Potential Attack
Get tips for self defense and personal protection; learn about overcoming fear if approached by a potential attacker; find out how to stay calm and escape safely.

Are You Being Stalked? Here’s What to Do
Get information about stalking; discover the steps to take to protect yourself from being stalked and handling this crime of harassment, including involving police.

Signs that Your Child is Being Bullied at School
Get information about how to tell if your child is being bullied at school; learn about keeping lines of communication open with teachers and help involve your child with programs to intervene to avoid further issues.

Protect Yourself at All Times: ATM Safety Tips
Learn about how to protect yourself from attackers at all times; get ATM safety tips for how to remain vigilant and aware and avoid confrontation.

How to Keep Yourself Safe When Online Dating
Learn about online dating safety; get tips for singles about personal safety and protection and how to meet new people in public locations safely.

School Bullying: How to Help the Bullied Child
Get information for helping a child who is bullied at school; find strategies and ways to respond to the bullying problem.

Using Verbal Strategies to Defuse a Confrontation
Find out how to use verbal strategies to prevent physical confrontation and avoid attack; learn how to stay calm and defuse yelling.

Staying Safey While Using Online Classified like Craigslist
Learn how to safely buy and sell items using online classified services like limiting the posted information and not allowing buyers into your home.

Common Non-Lethal Weapons Used By Police
Learn how and what types of non-lethal self defense products police and law enforcement now use as a gun alternative.

How to Talk to Kids About Strangers
Learn the importance and how to talk to kids early about the dangers of strangers and how to stay safe when you aren’t with them.

Self Defense and Safety for the Wheelchair Bound
Learn basic self defense tips and ideas that will help keep a wheelchair bound person safer in an attack situation.

Senior Safety Tips: Basic Self Defense for Elderly People
Number one rule in staying safe is be prepared ahead of time. Get self defense tips that will help senior citizens protect themselves.

Basic Safety Tips While Walking , Jogging or Running
Learn simple safety and self defense that will help protection you while walking, jogging or running outdoors.

5 Hotel Safety Tips Every Traveler Should Know
Discover some basic safety precautions everyone can do to protect their safety while staying in a hotel for business or vacation.

10 Ways Avoid a Bear Attack Encounter in the Outdoors
Learn how to avoid bears (and a potential dangerious attack) while enjoying the great outdoors. Simple actions can keep you and your family safe from a bear encounter.

10 Ways to Protect and Prevent a Dog Attack
Learn how to avoid a dog attack, as well as how to best protect yourself if a dog does start a fight with you.

Reporting Crime: Your Rights as a Victim & Helping Police
Learn about victims' rights when you've witnessed a crime including reporting, contacting police and remembering details.

Avoiding Theft: Protecting Your Valuables
Gets tips on protecting valuables and making it difficult for criminals to steal from you.

Avoid Your Car from Being Stolen by a Theif
Read these security tips to help prevent car and keep your auto safe.

Avoid Your Bike from Being Stolen off the Street or on Campus
Read these safety and security tips to help prevent a bike thief from taking your bike.

What People Steal and Shoplifting Prevention Tips for Parents
Learn the thinking behind shoplifting and tips to stop your teen or child from stealing.

Public Safety Tips: Be Aware in Public to Deter Street Crime
Learn how to scan your public surrounding to deter street crime and keep your valuables safe.

Car, Public Transportation and Enclosed Area Personal Safety Tips
Learn how to stay safe during car travel, while riding public transportation and while riding in an enclosed elevator with strangers. These simple personal protection tips will help you avoid danger.

Protect Your Valuables from a Pick Pocket
A pick pocket can steal your valuables in a blink of an eye. Learn what preventive safety steps you can make to stop a pick pocket from stealing your things.

7 Safety Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online
If you are a parent, read these 7 easy tips to help your children stay safe while using the Internet.

Dog Biting Law: Victim and Dog Owner Rights
What happens when a dog bites?  See what happens to the dog, owner and victim.

How to Be Prepared When Calling 911
Learn how to best prepare for a 911 operater help you in an emergency.

How to Prevent Indenity Theft
8 simple tips to prevent your identity from being stolen by a thief.

Parking Lot Safety
Dark, lonley parking lots can be scary. Follow these steps to stay safe.

5 Pressure Points to Hit in Self Defense
Learn what the most vurnable area of the body are and where to hit an attacker.

How and When to Get a Restraining Order
Learn about the process of obtaining a restraining order and when you should get one.

5 Ways to Stay Safe While Camping
Get tips on how to keep your family safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

5 Self Defense Tips to Teach Your Children
Give your children the gift of safety knowledge with these 5 tips to help them avoid dangerous situations.

How to Find a Local Self Defense Class
Self defense products and training go hand-in-hand.  Here's how to find a class in your city.