Self Defense and Safety Tips for Women

Women are commonly the targets and victims of crime. You can protect yourself from danger and crime by educating yourself on basic self defense techniques and how to avoid being a target. Learn about rape and sexual assault avoidance, date rape drugs, how women become targets for crime.

Read the below safety and self defense articles for women and take control of your personal safety.


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The 7 Secret Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know
After spending 20 years recommending pepper spray to women as a self defense tool, these are the 7 secret safety tips that have stuck with me.

Signs of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Find out the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace; learn about how to avoid suggestive and inappropriate remarks and approaches by coworkers or superiors, and know your rights about documenting and reporting.

How to Help a Friend Who Has Been Raped
Get tips for helping a friend who has been raped; find out what to do following violent crime, including contacting police, getting a hospital examination and finding counseling.

Avoid Becoming a Sexual Assault Victim
Find out how you can protect yourself from being a victim of sexual assault; learn about self defense and personal protection weapons that can reduce the risk of attack.

How to Escape and Move on From an Abusive Relationship
Get tips on how to leave, escape and move on from an emotionally or physically abusive relationship.

Signs You Are the Victim of Domestic Violence
Learn the basic signs that you may be involved in a abusive relationship or the victim of domestic violence.

Tips for How to Avoid Date Rape Drugs
Learn tips that will help you avoid date rape drugging and what to do if you suspect you have been drugged.

5 Signs that You Have Been Drugged
Learn to identify the top 5 things you may experience if you have been drugged with a common date rape drug.

Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons for Women
Learn about non-lethal self defense product types that are best suited for keeping women safe.

Safety & Self Defense Tips or Petite Women
Get self defense advice on how petite women can better protect themselves in an attack by someone who is larger and/or stronger.

Escape an Attack When Criminal Has a Deadly Weapon or Gun
Learn techniques and tips that will help you escape a crime or assailant that has a deadly weapon.

Why Everyone Should Get Training Basic Self Defense
Carrying pepper spray is your first step to staying safe, but taking a self defense training class (even a short one) will help you better prepare for the high stress of an actual attack situation.

Testicle or Groin Grab Self Defense Technique
Everyone should know this basic self defense move before panic sets in during an attack. This is a simple move, but very useful in escaping a dangerous situation.

Safety Tips: Be Aware in Public to Deter Street Crime
Learn how to scan your public surrounding to deter street crime and keep your valuables safe.

Identify Date Rape Drugs: Avoid Being a Sexual Assault Victim
Identify date rape drugs and effects, avoid sexual assault by acquaintances or predators.

How Women Can Avoid Being a Target for Sexual Predators
Sexual assault is one of the worst crimes against women. Learn how your can avoid being a target for these types of criminals and other domestic voilence situations.

Women's Safety Tips: Avoiding and Reporting Rape
One out of ten women will experience rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. Learn techniques for avoiding rape and get tips how how to report sexual assault with a better chance at catching and punishing the predator.

How to De-Escalate a Tense Situation
When you are involved in a verbal confrontation with someone and feel threatened, the most important thing you can do is try to de-escalate the situation

5 Signs You are Being Stalked
If someone is giving you unwanted attention on a regular basis, see if you are being stalked.