Pepper Spray Tips: Legal Use, Expiration, Travel and Other Owner Advice

If you own pepper spray already or are new to carrying pepper spray check out these helpful articles below. Get advice on how to keep your defense spray in good working order and when it is time to replace your canister. Learn how you can travel with the safety of your spray as well as when it is appropriate and lawful to use it in self defense. Pepper spray is a great non-lethal alternative for self defense that can be easily carried, used and purchased.

Pepper Spray Usage Advice for Owners

Replacing Pepper Spray: How Often and Why
Replacing pepper spray on a regular basis (yes, even before the expiration date on the can) ensures your pepper spray is ready any time you might need it.

Carrying Pepper Spray on City Public Transportation Tips
Learn more about staying safe on taxis, buses, commuter trains and more. Get information on the rules and regulations for carrying pepper spray on these types of city transit.

Pepper Spray and Car Travel Precautions
Learn how to protect yourself during car travel as well as proper storage and state laws when driving with pepper spray in your vehicle.

How to Buy Pepper Spray: 5 Things to Consider When Choose a Self Defense Product
With such a large selection of pepper spray and self defense product available, read these 5 tips to help you choose the best non-lethal product for your specific situation.

Removing Pepper Spray: How to Remove from Skin, Eyes, Clothes and Air
If you have accidentally (or purposely) sprayed pepper spray into eyes, skin, fabric or indoors, check out these tips for cleaning and removing the spray.

Can Used or Expired Pepper Spray be Thrown in the Regular Trash?
Learn how to properly dispose of any used or expired pepper spray cans. Expired may not be effective when you need it and should always be replaced in a timely manor.

Differences in Dog, Bear and Human Pepper Spray Products
Learn about pepper spray formula differences between self defense spray intended for dogs, bear, and humans.

Proper Storage & Carry of Pepper Self Defense Spray
Learn the correct storing conditions (like temperature and location) for pepper spray products, as well as helpful carry solutions that help the spray be where you need it in case of an emergency.

Your Legal Right to Self Defense Laws
Learn the legal definition and laws in place that give you the right to your own self defense in dangerous situations.

Physical Effects of Pepper Spray
Discover the temporary, non-lethal physical effects of pepper spray and how they can help you safely escape a dangerous situation.

Airplane Travel with Pepper Spray
Discover the basic laws, regulations, and rules about traveling by air with pepper spray for self defense.

Pepper Spray Expiration and Storage Procedures
Learn how to properly store you pepper spray, how to test that it is working and when it is time to replace your canister.

How Personal Alarms Work and When to Carry Them
Learn how personal alarms work to protect your safety and what types of self defense situations they are best for. Also get advice on how they compare to the use of pepper spray.

4 Benefits to Shopping Online for Self Defense Products
Buying self defense products online has several benefits like free shipping, more selection and better pricing on these special items.

Pepper Spray Types & Best Way To Use Them
Learn about the different spray pattern types pepper spray can be found in and how some types fit certain situations better.

Dog Care for a Pepper Sprayed Canine
Learn about the sign, symptoms and care instruction for helping a dog who has been pepper sprayed. Effects are temporary, but there are several things you can do to help your animals discomfort.

Pepper Spray Types & Best Way To Use Them
Learn about the different spray pattern types pepper spray can be found in and how some types fit certain situations better.

Are Cooking Mace and Pepper Spray the Same?
Find out the differences between mace for cooking and pepper spray; discover how the spice is not the same as the irritant in the self defense product.