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Pepper Spray Gun Holsters

Pepper Spray Gun Holsters

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Pepper Spray Gun Holsters:

  • Holds Mace Pepper Spray Gun
  • Holder comes in Nylon or Leather versions
  • Attaches securely to belt loop or waistband
  • Keeps self defense weapon readily accessible
  • Safely stores Mace Pepper Gun when not in use

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun Product Details:

Stock# : 80105, 80106

The Pepper Spray Gun Holster is specially designed to hold the Mace Pepper Gun and keep it at your fingertips so that you can grab it whenever you need to use it.  Available in both nylon and leather versions, depending on your preference, the holster safely holds and stores the gun, and the holder attaches securely to your belt loop so that you can carry it wherever you go.  Easily grab the gun when you need to have it in your hand.  Then, when your Mace Pepper Gun is not in use, the holster will cover and store the weapon and prevent any accidental discharge or inadvertent contact with the pepper spray.

The Mace Pepper Gun sprays a continuous stream of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper spray when the trigger is pulled.  The spray will shoot out up to 25 feet, keeping your potential attackers at a safe distance, and it works when pointed at any angle—including upside down.  When an attacker is shot with pepper spray, immediate burning results will be felt as the pepper spray is absorbed into skin, eyes and mucous membranes, causing extreme discomfort and temporary disorientation.  The Mace Pepper Gun is one of the best and most effective self defense products that is available on the market today.  Personal protection is made far easier thanks to the help of this non-lethal gun that will readily disable any attacker or aggressor, and allow you the precious time you need to get yourself out of any potentially dangerous or threatening situation.

Keeping your self defense or personal protection weapons handy is extremely important.  Having a pepper spray gun will do you virtually no good if you can’t get at it to use on a moment’s notice. 

Mace Pepper Guns are considered to be legal forms of self defense and personal protection in most states; however, there are certain states including NY, MA and MI which prohibit the use of such guns.  These types of personal protection weapons are perfect for anyone that works late, walks alone at night, lives on a campus or finds themselves in uncomfortable situations at any time.  Before you buy personal protection items such as guns or pepper sprays, be sure to check the laws in your area.

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